What Accents Would Go Best with a White Sofa?

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A white sofa can be a standout piece of furniture in your home. If you’re able to keep pets and kids off of it and keep it bright and true to its original color, there are many white sofa living room decorating ideas that may work for your home.

For example, soft, muted colors are good for the walls around your white sofa. Contemporary accessories are also a good match to allow the sofa to stand out as a focal point. In general, warm or cool accents can be good complements to a space with a white sofa. Here are some more decoration ideas to make your white sofa the focal point of your space.

Wall color

As mentioned, soft, muted colors are a good match with a white sofa. This will ensure the colors don’t compete with the white of your sofa. Other shades of white are a good fit here, as are beige, muted yellow or gold, soft gray, warm brown, gray-blue and other muted tones. Stay away from bright pastels or very dark hues, as these can take focus away from the sofa and draw the eyes to the wall instead.

For a stark contrast, try China blue, amethyst purple or a deep red. Hanging a piece of art on the wall is another good option, especially one with white infused in it or with patterns to blend with the sofa. Because a white sofa is neutral, the color of your wall can have a big impact on the feel of the room. For example, blue or green shades can give a cool, refreshing vibe, while browns, reds and golds create a warm feel.

Small accessories

Small details in accessories can play a big part in white sofa living room decoration and accents. Accent pillows are a nice touch here. Soft colors like blue-gray, light teal or warm brown can be a good look on a white sofa. Colored candles can be nice around a white sofa, too, as can the look of frames around any art pieces you may choose to hang on the wall.

Accent furniture

Another sofa decoration idea is to use accent furniture to really highlight the white sofa as a focal point of the room. Warm wood tones are great for this, and there are many options for accent furniture with this visual feature. Pine, oak, mahogany and walnut woods are good choices for a cozy feel.

Not everything has to be wood, though. For a more contemporary look, try chrome, brushed nickel or fiberglass accent tables. An upholstered chair with a pattern of monochromatic design can accomplish this as well. A solid colored loveseat or chair can be a nice coordinating piece. No matter what you choose, you should try to stay away from other white furniture, as it may give too much of a sterile, clinical feel.

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