How to Keep Your Furniture in Pristine Condition

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Every homeowner wants to be proud of their space. After all, your home is the most expensive purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. You want to show it off to friends, family and guests. Part of that is keeping your furniture looking beautiful.

Read on to find out our leading tips on keeping living room furniture in excellent condition.

Avoid the sun

One easy tip is to ensure that your furniture isn’t regularly getting direct sunlight. When furniture pieces are exposed to direct sunlight, they will quickly fade or may experience uneven wear. So keep those curtains closed during the heat of the day to maintain your furniture.

Protect furniture from moisture

Another culprit of furniture damage is the growth of mold and mildew—that’s why, with most furniture pieces, it’s best to spot clean them. If there are any stains and spills, use a sponge and hydrogen peroxide or baking soda to clean them. You can also talk to furniture experts on how to care for specific pieces to avoid moisture problems down the road.

Keep pets off the furniture

It’s easier said than done, but keeping pets off living room furniture is a must if you want to keep it looking pristine. From stray hair to scratch marks, pets pose hazards for your furniture. With a bit of work and training, you can ensure that your pets stay off the furniture. If this isn’t possible, then you may want to invest in coverings for your favorite pieces.

Buy quality furniture

Furniture can last for centuries if it’s well made and taken care of. The materials that furniture is made out of matters. Don’t opt for that cheap, easy-to-put-together furniture from a certain Scandinavian company. Instead, look for pieces that you can invest in that will last a lifetime. Search for brands with a good reputation and high aesthetic appeal.

Vacuum the upholstery often

For all furniture pieces (including those that aren’t used very often), you should use a vacuum cleaner on the upholstery. This is because dust and dirt buildup are liable to cause damage. For any pieces that are used frequently, you want to make sure to rotate the cushions and vacuum them at least weekly.

Utilize storage spaces

Storing furniture is just as important as cleaning it. If you’re planning a move or otherwise need to rotate a piece out of use for a while, carefully consider where you’ll be storing it. You want a space that has climate control in order for your pieces to remain in good condition. The furniture should be completely protected from the elements.

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