How a Rug Can Transform Your Space

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If you’re not considering area rugs for your home furnishing plans, you might be missing out on a versatile and potentially transformative design element. A thoughtfully placed rug can warm up cold hard flooring, clearly define a space or create the illusion of a larger room. With so many possibilities available, here are a few tips on transforming your space using a rug in Hilo, HI.

Rugs as statement pieces

A rug with an eye-catching design isn’t meant to be hidden underneath furniture. Show it off by making it the focal point of the room. Instead of placing furniture on top of it, place pieces around the perimeter. If you’d like to add a coffee table, choose one with a glass top for as unobstructed a view of the rug as possible. A designer rug could also provide great inspiration for the overall style of the room.

Add a pop of color

If your space is lacking in color, an area rug could be a great way to introduce more of it into the room. You don’t necessarily have to choose a bold color to break up the monochrome, either. You have to consider how the colors and patterns of the rug will work in the context of the entire room and its other design elements, including furniture, artwork and other décor. It’s all about finding the right texture, color and size of rug to maximize the potential of your space.

Fill up a large space

If you have a large space, you might have a hard time trying to fill it without making it too cluttered. An area rug could help you achieve that balance by filling up the empty space with one large, continuous design element. Not only does it work with the trendy minimalist aesthetic, but choosing the right rug for the space can even make it look brighter and more spacious. Just keep in mind that big rooms require big rugs. Don’t make the common decorating mistake of getting too small of a rug that you’ll end up having to replace anyway.

Change it up by hanging it up

Rugs may be most often used on floors, but that’s not the only possible use for them in your home. If you have a particularly beautiful rug, you may want to consider hanging it up on the wall instead. It’s a clever alternative to traditional wall décor that also better preserves the rug itself. Rugs can be hung freely or flush to the wall, but you’ll want to avoid putting it in direct sunlight that may accelerate deterioration, as well as any heat sources such as fireplaces.

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