Protecting Your Furniture from Spills

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If you’ve just purchased a brand-new sofa or another piece of furniture, then you’ll likely want to preserve its pristine look for years to come. Some stains can be unavoidable, as accidents are bound to happen, but there are ways you can prevent permanent damage to your furniture. Protecting your fabric furniture from spills can be easily done by making simple changes in your Hilo, HI home. This could include using a slipcover or keeping your pets off the furniture.

Some stains can be easily cleaned if taken care of immediately. If you have an unsightly stain on one of your pieces of furniture, then it’s a good idea to contact a local professional for help with furniture care.

Avoid eating and drinking on the sofa

Simple changes of habit can do wonders for your furniture. If you usually snack or eat meals on the sofa, then you may want to start eating at the table instead. It’s easy to grab a snack and eat on the couch while enjoying your favorite TV show, but doing this risks crumbs falling into the crevices of your furniture. If you spend weekend nights with your friends drinking wine on the couch, then one spill could spell disaster.

Stain prevention products

There are plenty of products out there that claim to offer stain protection for your furniture, but it’s important to always do plenty of research before using them. Some products might not do what they claim to, and could end up being a waste of money. Popular products for stain protection include furniture protectant sprays, stain and odor removers and liquid soap.


Slipcovers are a popular way of protecting furniture, and can be purchased for couches, chairs and more. These products wrap completely around your furniture and can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. They come in a variety of designs that are sure to match any room’s aesthetics.

Many people swear by slipcovers, but they aren’t an end-all solution. Many stains can be difficult to remove from these products, including wine and juice stains. Additionally, not all sofas and chairs look right with a slipcover.

Keep pets off the furniture

Keeping your pets off the furniture is a great way of preventing pet hair and dander from slipping into your pieces. If you want to keep your pets off the furniture, then it’s best to start training them on day one. It usually won’t take long for a pet to understand that the furniture is somewhere they don’t belong.

Consider purchasing other spaces for your pets to sit while you’re all lounging in the living room. Most pets love a nice and comfy pet bed.

Quickly clean up spills

Using these methods of protecting the fabric furniture in your Hilo, HI home from spills might not always be enough. If something is spilled on your furniture, it’s best to take care of it as soon as possible. Some stains can be easily removed with the right cleaning products, but others might require more drastic measures. In order to remove stains without damaging your furniture, it’s usually best to have stain removal done by a professional.

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