How Often You Really Need to Replace Your Mattress

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Mattresses have a huge impact on quality of sleep, which affects your health and overall wellbeing. When looking for new bedroom sets for sale in Hilo, HI, don’t forget to look into replacing your old mattress, too. Experts say you should replace your mattress every six to eight years, but there can be exceptions to that hard rule going in both directions. Here are some things to consider when looking at bedroom sets for sale and wondering whether or not to replace your mattress.

Signs it’s time to replace a mattress

Obviously, if you have had your mattress longer than eight years, you can replace it without worrying that you’re wasting any money. But even if your mattress is younger than that, you should consider replacing it if it’s negatively affecting your quality of sleep. This may mean your allergies or asthma symptoms have increased, you wake up with muscle soreness or joint pain or even that you just feel better rested when sleeping at a hotel or someone else’s house. If your mattress is damaged or sagging, or if its springs are making more noise than they used to, it might be time to look into a new mattress.

Materials matter

Not all mattresses will wear out at the same rate. If you got your mattress with an inexpensive bedroom set for sale made with lower-quality materials, it will probably age faster than a high-quality mattress. The materials a mattress is made from can strongly affect its durability. Innerspring mattresses, all-foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses can all be made with higher- and lower-quality materials. Look for high-density foams, lower coil gauges (meaning thicker coils) and real latex rather than synthetic latex in your mattresses.

Wear and tear

There are many elements that may affect mattress longevity. If a couple sleeps on a bed, their mattress will wear faster than that of a single person. The size of the person using a mattress can also affect how quickly it will sag and degrade. Lighter sleepers have less of an impact. Children and pets can increase wear by increasing weight, and they can also cause stains, which may lead you to want to replace a mattress. Properly caring for your mattress can help it last longer. Go by manufacturer recommendations, but a general best practice is to rotate your mattress every three months or so to make wear and tear uniform.

The benefits of a replacing a mattress

When looking at bedroom sets for sale in Hilo, HI, it’s a safe bet to also replace your mattress. Getting a new mattress can improve your sleep, which reduces stress. Older mattresses tend to transfer motion more, which means sleeping with a partner can disrupt your sleep far more than with a new mattress. New mattresses should also help to reduce any aches and pains, since they offer better support than older, sagging mattresses, as well as reduce allergies, since old mattresses can collect dust mites, mold and bacteria.

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