How to Make Furniture Work in Small Spaces

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If you have a small living space, fitting all of your furniture into it can be a bit complicated. But don’t worry—there are design ideas you can implement to make the most of the limited space you do have. These designs frequently focus on making small rooms look larger, and on making your available space much more efficient.

Here are a few examples of some small space furniture arrangements you can employ in your home in Hilo, HI, focusing on specific types of furniture:

  • Chairs: The type of chair you have can really influence how much space it appears to take up. Chairs that have wide arms and lots of padding and stuffing can take up much more space than is necessary in a smaller room. Get rid of the big cushions and padding, or large prints or plaids that make the chair look bigger. Instead, look for chairs that have taller, narrow legs with straight backs, minimal padding and plainer designs.
  • Tables: You need to be very careful about the kinds of tables you put into your space and where they place them. For example, wooden tables can enhance both the style and functionality of a room, but if you’re using them in too small a space, they can just come off looking clunky. Consider looking for glass-topped, metal or light wood tables that will give you the same functionality without the feeling that you’re taking up a ton of space by using it. You might also consider using ottomans to double as small end tables, or coffee tables with decorative wooden or glass trays that you can easily store away when they’re not in use.
  • Couches: It can be difficult to fit a full-sized couch into a small living room. If you have a long sofa, it will also restrict the decorative options in your room, even if there’s just enough space for it. Finally, if you’re living in a small apartment or condo, it can be difficult to get a full-sized couch around the corners and down the hallways to get into your room. Consider opting for loveseats instead, which will give you more flexible seating and decorative options (side to side, across from each other, at angles or back to back).
  • Lamps: Try to avoid using table lamps in a small room, as they can make the room look more cluttered than it actually is. Instead, go for one or two floor lamps that have a taller, thinner profile and will help to draw the eyes upward, making more use of the space you have in your living room.
  • Corners: Carefully consider how you deal with the corners in your room. They can make for great storage areas or workstations. Don’t let those spaces go to waste—use them for decorative shelves, storage units, computer stations, writing desks or just about anything else that allows you to customize the corner for better usage of your space.

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