How Decorating with Rugs Can Change a Room

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A rug is a decorative element that can really tie a room together, especially when you’re feeling as though there’s something missing. It is an outstanding complementary piece that helps you coordinate some of the other more important decorative elements of your home, while also adding a bit of warmth and layering to your décor.

Here are just a few tips to decorate your room with rugs to change up the appearance and feel of your space in Hilo, HI:

  • Create a color scheme: Using a particularly attractive or appealing rug can be a great way to set a basis for the color scheme in your room. If you find a rug you love, it’s easier to coordinate other key design elements around it than to find a rug that complements a lot of other design elements you already have, though the latter approach is certainly possible as well.
  • More clearly define areas: A rug can help you define or separate specific areas in your home, which can be especially beneficial if you have an open floor plan. Rugs can be used to define seating or dining areas, foyers or areas in studio apartments that need a little bit of extra definition and separation from the rest of the room.
  • Create some design variety: Rugs can help you freshen up a space and introduce a little bit of variety. If you use multiple rugs, you can create a bit more visual interest and variation. Rugs of the same size are more likely to cut the room in half, while using multiple different sizes of rugs can create a more interesting, flowing design.
  • Add to a wall: You can actually use rugs as wall hangings if you find a rug that has a particularly unique or attractive appearance. Note that not all rugs can be used well in this way—you’ll need to find a rug with specific materials, textures and designs, and also have a wall that you’re already looking to use as an accent wall.
  • Seasonal appearance: If you have multiple rugs for the same area, you can swap them out with the seasons to create a certain “feel” for each time of year. If this is something you like to do, it can also be a good idea to swap out throw pillows at those times of year to add to the changes in décor.
  • Add or decrease volume: Rugs can either increase the volume of your design or soften the room’s existing designs, depending on your needs. If you already have upholstery or wallpaper with an ornate design, you’ll want a more subtle rug. But if your upholstery or walls are generally plain, you can choose a rug with a bolder, busier design to add some interest to the space.

These are just a few tips to help you create more visually interesting interior spaces with rugs. For more rug decorating tips, or to check out our selection, contact or visit Yamada Furniture in Hilo, HI today.

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