How to Clean and Maintain Different Types of Upholstery

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Upholstered furniture makes a beautiful addition to any home. Like every other piece of furniture in your home, anything upholstered requires cleaning to maintain its aesthetic appeal. If you’re wondering how to clean different upholstery in Hilo, HI, read on to find out!

A guide to cleaning upholstered furniture

Different fabrics and materials require different methods for cleaning and ongoing care. With this furniture fabric cleaning guide in Hilo, HI, learn the best techniques for keeping your upholstered décor tidy.

Before you begin the cleaning process, look for the manufacturer’s tags on your furniture. These include useful instructions for cleaning, but they print these instructions as code, which isn’t very helpful if you’re unfamiliar with them:

  • W: Only clean with distilled water or water-based cleaning products formulated for use on furniture. Dab at any stains with white cloths or towels, so you don’t accidentally transfer any dyes. You can also steam clean these pieces.
  • S: These upholstered pieces of furniture require solvent-based solutions for cleaning. Water may stain the upholstery or leave rings. After applying the solvent, vacuum again to pick up the remaining dirt dissolved by the cleaning solutions.
  • WS: Use water-based cleaners to treat any water stains. You can also apply solvent-based cleaners to oily stains.
  • X: This means you can’t use any cleaning products on these upholstered surfaces, though you can vacuum and dry brush them.

After determining what you can and cannot use to clean your furniture, you’ll want to vacuum each piece before applying any solutions. You want to remove any dust or lint buildup, along with getting into the cracks, seams and fibers. If your vacuum has a furniture attachment, it’s safe to use this on any of your upholstered furniture. Vacuum attachments intended for use on furniture include a lint-trapping strip to help pick up any wayward hair, fur and so on.

When it comes time to spot clean, the cleaning solutions you’ll need may vary based on the type of upholstery:

  • Leather: A moisturizing soap like what you use in the shower applied to a damp, soft cloth works best for spot cleaning leather upholstery. Do not rinse any lathering soap on the surface. Simply allow it to dry.
  • Suede: Remove any stain caused by liquid such as water, coffee, tea or juice with white vinegar and a soft cloth. Apply baking soda to grease stains, allow it to sit for a few hours and then clean off with a suede brush.
  • Velvet: Cleaning velvet depends on the materials it’s made from, as not all velvet is identical in its makeup. In most cases, velvet upholstery requires professional cleaning. However, you can spot clean velvet made from cotton or polyester with a mild detergent and gentle blotting with a paper towel.

As you shop for new furniture, you’ll probably have questions about how to clean different upholstery in Hilo, HI. The educated sales staff at Yamada Furniture is here to help you! We’ll provide you with the necessary information to properly clean any furniture you purchase. Contact us today with your questions about upholstery care and learn more about the products we recommend using to clean your furniture.

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