Which Sofa Material Wears the Best?

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With the possible exception of your bed, your sofa is likely the most important piece of furniture in your home. Whether you’re single or part of a growing family, you undoubtedly spend at least a few hours every day on your couch. The sofa is where you watch TV. It’s where you enjoy meals or snacks. You spend your evenings there, catch afternoon naps there and build some of your most cherished memories right there on the couch.

However, loving your sofa doesn’t mean you want to spend your time having to do a ton of furniture maintenance in Hilo, HI. When you buy your next couch, make sure the one you choose is a good fit for your lifestyle. Here’s how to decide.

The leather standard

Far and away, the most “distinguished” option you can choose is leather. It has a timeless quality that fits into nearly any home décor scheme with ease and grace. Plus, leather is extremely resistant to the everyday stains and scratches associated with kids and pets. Leather is tough, it’s easy to clean and it looks great—but it also comes at a price point to match.


If leather isn’t for you, that’s fine. Modern innovations have yielded attractive synthetic fabrics like olefin, which can stand up to repeated use without showing abrasions or fading.


Looking for that leather look and low level of furniture maintenance in Hilo, HI, but don’t have the budget to match? Consider vinyl furniture. It has a similar texture and toughness without being overly expensive.


This classic sofa material never goes out of style. Cotton resists fading and pilling with ease, even though it’s susceptible to scratches and stains more than a lot of other materials.

Factors to consider

Before you commit to a new sofa, there are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do you have pets, and are they allowed on the furniture?
  • How often do you use your couch, and what do you use it for?
  • Do you eat on your couch?
  • Do kids eat on your couch?
  • Do you or anyone in your family have any allergies that could eliminate certain materials?
  • How much are you willing to pay? Have you considered financing?
  • How much work do you want to spend on upkeep?

If you can answer most of those questions, you shouldn’t have any problems finding the perfect new sofa.

The couch headquarters

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