What to Buy First for Your New Home

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So, you’ve made the choice to purchase a new home! It’s an exciting endeavor that you’re bound to remember for the rest of your life. The fact that you’re buying that home in Hawaii makes it even more special, because there may be no more beautiful place to live in the United States. Of course, when you move to the Big Island and find your dream home, the first thing you’ll have to think about is filling it with furniture. That goes double for those who saved money on shipping costs by getting rid of a lot of their furniture before moving to the island.

Not to worry—the Island of Hawaii is home to some gorgeous options for new furniture in Hilo, HI. All you have to do is know what you’ll need for your new home. Here’s where to get started.

Don’t skimp on the bed

When you’re moving into a new home, and you have three or even four rooms to fill, you might be tempted to try and save money wherever you can. Don’t skimp on the bed. If you’re moving into a home with your partner, make sure to spring for a queen-sized mattress. If you have dogs who will be sharing bed space, you might think about a king.

The initial price may be higher than you expected, but you won’t regret paying the extra money in the long run.

An overstuffed couch

After a long day of work, maintaining your home and exploring the gorgeous island of Hawaii, you’re going to want a nice, soft couch that you can sink into and enjoy an excellent book or your favorite TV show. Enjoying your living room begins and ends with enjoying your couch, so don’t make the choice lightly.

Storage options

While you’re perusing your options for new furniture in Hilo, HI, make sure to take into account all of the items you’ll be bringing with you to your new home. Those knickknacks will require some storage options. So, make sure you have plenty of end tables, bookshelves and other pieces to store your most cherished possessions.

Patio furniture

One of the best reasons to live in Hawaii is the abundant natural beauty. If you have any outdoor space at your new home, then be sure to get a comfortable pair of outdoor chairs and a small, water-resistant end table. This will let you enjoy the nature right outside your back door as you settle into your new home.

Your furniture superstore

When you’re on the quest for new furniture in Hilo, HI, there is no better place to start and end your search than at Yamada Furniture. Since 1929, we have established a reputation for amazing pieces and impeccable customer service. We have a massive selection of furniture, including bedroom furniture, chairs, couches, dining tables, dressers, entertainment centers, love seats and so much more.

You won’t find a better customer service experience anywhere on the Big Island—we guarantee it. Find out how Yamada Furniture can help you by stopping by or giving us a call today!

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