Care Tips for Different Furniture Materials

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Everyone wants their home to look welcoming and pristine for their loved ones and guests to enjoy every time they visit. Cleaning and maintenance are not the most exciting things in the world, but they go a long way, particularly when it comes to your furniture. Upholstery and wood can take a beating that can be pretty glaring if everything else is spotless, so furniture maintenance in Hilo, HI is a key part of keeping your house looking like a home.

Yamada Furniture works with our customers to make sure they feel informed about how best to care for their new purchases. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the tips below to keep your furniture looking as fresh and as clean as the day you picked it up from our showroom.

Wood furniture

Wood furniture pieces like tables and chairs are some of the easiest to keep clean, because they can typically be wiped clean in the event of daily spills and other light occurrences. You want to make sure that you get to these spills immediately and use a damp rag to make sure nothing from the spill can seep into the wood and cause more damage. You can also use a mild soap for periodic cleanings if you notice any sort of buildup on the wood. Another option is to do some preventative furniture maintenance in Hilo, HI by regularly applying a furniture polish. This will provide a light coating of protection that can guard the wood against scratches and stains.

Top grain leather

We recommend consulting the owner’s manual when it comes to any of your furniture, and top grain leather is no exception. If you’re going to clean a leather piece, it’s important that you use a cleaner specifically intended for leather—other cleaners can cause damage to the leather by drying it out or altering the color. Once you’ve cleaned the leather, it’s usually a good idea to apply a leather conditioner, which will soften up the leather and keep it as supple as the day you bought it. Typically, you want to perform this degree of furniture maintenance in Hilo, HI about four times a year, and more like five or six times in homes that have pets or small children running around and beating up the furniture.


For upholstery, one of your best allies is going to be the vacuum cleaner. Be sure to vacuum regularly to pick up crumbs and make sure nothing gets ground into the material itself. It’s also a good idea to rotate your cushions once a month or so (if the cushions allow it) to make sure they’re wearing evenly.

When you purchase furniture from a quality retailer, you can rest assured they won’t let you leave without tips on furniture maintenance and care in Hilo, HI. You can follow the above tips and feel confident you’re giving your furniture the best chance possible to look great for years to come. For more suggestions, or to find the right new piece for your home, visit Yamada Furniture.

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