A Buyer’s Guide to the Dining Table

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Unless you don’t mind eating meals on your lap, quality dining room furniture in Hilo, HI is a must for every homeowner. Unfortunately, choosing a new dining room set isn’t as easy as it may seem. All of the options out there can make your head spin. If you’re in the market for a new table, keep reading. This post will teach you everything you need to know.

Seating and size

The first thing you should consider is your seating. Small families can get away with buying circular tables that only seat four or five, but those big families or homeowners who often host dinner parties need long tables that seat nine or more. Dining tables with extendable leaves are a good choice for smaller households that often have guests over for dinner.

Don’t forget to think about the size of your dining room when you’re in the showroom! We recommend measuring your dining room before coming in to ensure you don’t pick a table that’s too wide or too long. Interior designers and furniture experts advise allowing 36 to 42 inches’ clearance between the table and the wall to provide adequate space for seating and for maneuvering around the room.


Circular and rectangular are your two options for dining room shape. Round tables are great in smaller rooms, and they offer flexible seating—as long as you don’t mind a tight squeeze. Rectangular tables are great for big dining rooms and typically seat more guests, but there isn’t much seating flexibility due to the corners.


Dining room furniture in Hilo, HI can be put through the wringer, especially in large households or for homeowners who often host dinner parties. If you’re looking at a wood table, be sure to get one made of hardwood. Tables made of mahogany, walnut, maple, oak or teak are preferred over composite woods, like plywood. Though they do cost more, a hardwood table will last for years without showing any wear and tear.

If wood isn’t for you, consider going with a glass-topped table. Unlike some wood tables, glass meshes with pretty much any interior décor. And, thanks to tempered safety glass, you won’t have to worry about the table shattering or getting scratched up. Even though the top is made of strong glass, be sure the legs are made of hardwood or metal over a composite wood.


Unless you have experience with interior design, choosing a style for your dining room furniture could be a challenge. Traditional, contemporary, farmhouse, rustic, Mediterranean and Scandinavian are just some of the many styles out there, and they all have their pros and cons. Consider the style of your home and dining room before making a purchase, as you don’t want to buy a table that clashes with your décor. Our friendly sales team at Yamada Furniture is always here to help if you’re having trouble deciding between styles!

Whether you need a contemporary five-seat dining table or a traditional nine-piece set, Yamada Furniture is your go-to shop for dining room furniture in Hilo, HI! Along with our vast selection of tables and chairs, we also carry storage cabinets to complete your dining room. Get in touch to learn more!

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