How to Determine Furniture Proportion Within a Room

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Buying new furniture for your home should be an exciting experience—that is, until you get home and realize that your new pieces fit awkwardly in your home. To ensure your furnishings look great and your rooms don’t feel too cramped or too empty, you’ve got to consider furniture proportion in Hilo, HI. This post will teach you how to ensure your furniture will both fit and look amazing in your rooms:

  • Measure the room: Before you head to the furniture store, be sure to get precise measurements of the entire space. Measuring both the length of the walls and the ceiling height makes shopping a whole lot easier. After all, you want to ensure your pieces will fit inside the room! Additionally, take note of the window height, as this does affect how the furnishings will appear in the room.
  • Measure the pieces: Don’t just eyeball things once you’re at the furniture store. Instead, use your measuring tape and take note of the piece’s height and width. Take note of things like oversized arms, as these can make a smaller room feel cramped and unbalanced.
  • Group your pieces: The mixed-and-matched look might work well for some interior decor, but we advise against this when shopping for new furniture. Try to ensure that all of the pieces in the room will be about the same height, as this helps with conversation flow when people are sitting down. Additionally, equal-sized pieces create a visual balance in the room.
  • Think about accessories: Side tables and other accessories can add a lot of value to a room. However, you may need to forgo them if your room is on the smaller side. The last thing you want is a side table or coffee table getting in your way when you’re trying to move across a room. On the flip side, adding accessories in a larger room makes the space feel more comfortable and homey.

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On top of understanding furniture proportion in Hilo, HI, you have to know where to shop for your new pieces! Here are a few reasons why customers choose Yamada Furniture over the competition:

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