Top Four Sofa Arrangements to Optimize Your Living Room Layout

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It’s important to incorporate your personal style into your home. Everything from the color of the walls to furniture style and décor should come together to tell a story about you. These features and how you pull your space together all play a role in getting the room layout just right, but it can be a tricky process. Whether you live in a house, apartment or condo, and whether you have a cozy or massive living room, your goal should be to create an inviting space for family and friends. It ultimately needs to be a living room you love.

Let’s start by looking at the biggest piece of living room furniture: the sofa. For starters, a versatile sofa arrangement will optimize the size of the space you have, whether you entertain a lot or prefer to kick it alone most nights. No matter your living preferences, here are some ideas to help you choose the best sofa arrangement for your living room in Hilo, HI.

Small spaces

If you live in a smaller space, like an apartment, don’t think for one second that it’s impossible to own adequate living room seating. When it comes to smaller apartments or a big space with a pass-through, what you need to do is opt for an efficient layout that’s also functional. Select a narrower sofa or couch or low-arm chairs to avoid cluttering up a smaller living room. A smaller-than-average space may benefit from a love seat (a two-seater) instead of a sofa that’ll hold three people or more.

Open floor plans

Fans of open floor plans enjoy the less confined feel of their living space, but it takes a creative individual to transform an open living space into an area for hosting friends and family. That said, it’s not impossible. What the pros recommend is going the multipurpose route. Consider a U-shape seating arrangement using a couple sofas and chairs, which will provide an area in a large space for you and your guests to focus on. A separate dining space set up next to the living room area creates a cozy atmosphere, even though most of the “rooms” don’t have walls separating them from one another.

Formal layouts

A formal living room layout is a perfect option if you enjoy having folks over for long conversations. The most important thing to remember with formal layouts is to arrange your seating so guests can focus on one another. The simplest way to do this would be to have two sofas facing each other with a long coffee table in the center of the space.

Double living areas

If your space is large and long, but not an open floor plan (in other words, it’s separated from the dining room and other rooms by walls), then consider dividing it into two individual spaces. Placing two matching sofas back to back with a console table in between helps avoid the “hotel lobby” feel.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect couch placement for your living space, come by Yamada Furniture in Hilo, HI to check out our selection. We have quality furniture for every room of your home!

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