Tips for Choosing the Right Entertainment Center for Your Space

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A home entertainment center is just the thing you need to hold your television set and stereo equipment and organize all those video game consoles. If you are in the market for a new entertainment center for your Hilo, HI home, then the following information is for you. Here are some tips to help you choose the right unit for your space.

Select a type

Since there is more than one type of entertainment center available for purchase, you will first need to decide the best option that will work for your space and with the room’s existing decor.

One type is the wall unit—the largest option among home entertainment centers. These units are like bookcases, but for TVs, hardware and accessories. Shelves, drawers and other storage options surround the TV. Units with long cabinets (armoire style) come fitted with doors to hide the television when it is not in use. While they’re large, wall units tend to be more vertical than horizontal, meaning they can be a good option if the space you want your entertainment center to go in is more vertically oriented. If you’re going for a more open room, consider mounting your TV on the wall and placing a slender unit underneath.

Take measurements

Now that you have a style picked out, grab your tape measure and get to work! Start by measuring the space you have available for your entertainment center. Buying a piece that’s too big for your space would be irritating, while one that’s too small will look out of place.

Next, measure the dimensions of your television. The screen size is measured across diagonally, but this doesn’t indicate the true height and width of the TV (including the outside border of the frame).

The final measurement to take is of your seated line of sight. Make sure to measure the comfortable viewing area of the lower half of the TV screen, which should be level with your line of sight when sitting on the couch. The shelf the TV will be on must be no more than 12 inches below the “comfortable viewing” measurement.

Consider the cord situation

Some homeowners choose to run entertainment center cords behind the walls to keep them out of sight. This is a good way to manage cords, but this is not an option for everyone, including renters and those who just don’t want to deal with such an undertaking. If you’ll have a lot of cords, buy an entertainment console with holes drilled in the back to pull cords through. If necessary, you can also drill your own holes.

Account for storage needs

Take stock of how many things you need to store. It can be easy to forget this aspect when your main focus is on highlighting the TV, but you must remember to consider your storage needs. Entertainment center storage includes shelves for the TV and consoles, cabinets to keep DVDs and drawers for entertainment odds and ends, such as remote controls and other accessories.

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