Craving a Cozy Bedroom? Here Are Some Tips for Comfortable Bedroom Design in Hilo, HI

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If you’re looking to get the most out of your bedroom design, and are particularly focused on creating a cozy, comfortable space that shows off your personality, the good news is there are some steps you can take to take your bedroom to the next level.

Here’s a quick overview of some tips we have to give you the most comfortable bedroom design in Hilo, HI:

  • Textures: Play around with some of the textures in your bedroom to make the room look and feel cozier. Most people just focus on their blankets and pillows—and sure, it’s important to have blankets and pillows that you’re comfortable with and that have a pleasing texture. But beyond the linens, pillows and duvet covers, you should also consider any rugs you have in your room, the window shades or curtains you use, any decorative baskets you have sitting out in the room and the upholstery on any other furniture in the space. There are certain textures that lend themselves to a cozier, more charming aesthetic.
  • Layers: You’ll warm up your room instantly by making proper use of layers. This means layered rugs, pillows and throws. These are all accessories that you can easily switch up throughout the year to account for the changing of the seasons, and they can go a long way toward establishing the aesthetic you want in your bedroom. These items don’t just have to be on your bed, either—they can be on shelving units, dressers, chairs, curtain rods, etc.
  • Floor coverings: A simple step you can take to make any room feel cozier is to put down some rugs, particularly if you have wood floors. Rugs can also be changed out seasonally, as they don’t represent a permanent flooring commitment. Natural fiber rugs are generally the best bet, and you’ll be able to find them in a wide variety of patterns that make it easier for you to get something that fits into your own personal interior design style.
  • Lighting: The standard approach to lighting for a “cozier” atmosphere is having dim, low lights. However, decorative lamps, floor lamps and candle clusters are also great ways to add to the ambience of your bedroom. In certain situations, fairy lights or bistro lights can also be good additions to a room in need of a little extra coziness.
  • Neutral colors: While pops of color are good to include in your bedroom, you should stick with neutrals as your base. Stay away from vibrant, dramatic colors and opt for whites and mid-tone blues and grays. Accent rugs, throw blankets and other accessories can give you the extra pops of color to help tie in certain design elements.

If you’re looking for more tips about how to create a cozier bedroom design in Hilo, HI, whether it involves the pieces you already have or pieces you plan to purchase, we encourage you to contact Yamada Furniture. The team at our furniture store would be happy to be of assistance as you make your purchase decisions. Come check out our selection today!

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