Is It Time to Upgrade Your Living Room Furniture in Hilo, HI?

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For many families, the living room is the prime gathering spot. It’s the place where you all come together to watch a movie or celebrate the holidays. It’s where you entertain visitors and make lasting memories. Over time, the living room furniture can age, grow out of style or become uncomfortable. Furniture has a lifespan, just like appliances and other household items that get a lot of use. Sometimes it’s not easy to replace the furniture you’ve grown accustomed to for sentimental reasons. However, replacing those beloved old pieces with new ones can enhance the beauty of the space and bring new life to the room. Here are five signs it’s time to upgrade your living room furniture in Hilo, HI:

  • You sink into the furniture: Furniture shouldn’t feel like it’s swallowing you whole when you sit on it. The structure of the couch or sofa can start to degrade after years of use. You’ll find yourself sinking into the couch as soon as you sit down. This can be incredibly bad for your posture by placing undue stress on the back. Purchasing a couch with the right structure and support will make a huge difference.
  • The styles are outdated: Some trends are timeless, but others really should have been left behind. Many people hold onto old furniture that doesn’t really fit the “classic” description. Wicker furniture from the 1990s, the glass coffee tables of the 1980s and the brightly colored velvet of the 1970s really need to go if they’re still haunting your living room. Updating the look with classic pieces can create a much more inviting space that you’ll be proud to show off to guests.
  • The material is torn or cracked: It’s normal for furniture to start to show signs of use over time. Eventually, the fabric will begin to break down and even start to tear. The fabric can also be damaged by years of spills and stains. It’s time to replace the furniture if you find yourself constantly trying to scrub away stains or patch holes in the material.
  • Strange noises: The sofa shouldn’t be creaking or squeaking every single time you move. Those annoying sounds could be your warning that the springs are about to go. They could eventually pop loose and poke the unfortunate person seated on the couch. Unfortunately, the only solution to a noisy couch is to invest in a new one.
  • Change of décor: A change in décor or a new paint color means it’s time for new living room furniture in Hilo, HI. Your old pieces may not match the new color scheme, or they might just look wrong with your new and improved wall décor. It’s important to achieve a room that looks cohesive and balanced, and this may require new furniture.

It’s time to start shopping if any of these scenarios describe the state of your furniture. Stop by Yamada Furniture today to shop our extensive selection of high-quality living room furniture, all for an affordable price. Best of all, we offer free, professional, island-wide delivery!

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