How to Tell if It’s Time for a New Mattress in Hilo, HI

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Sleep is essential to your body’s basic functioning and recovery process, and the condition of your mattress can have a major impact on the quality of your sleep. If you’re sleeping on an uncomfortable, worn-out mattress, you might start to experience back pain, restlessness, increased stress and other unfortunate side effects of low-quality sleep. So, how can you tell whether it’s time to replace your mattress in Hilo, HI? Read on for a few of the signs that you can watch out for to help you determine whether you need a new mattress:

  • Lumps and impressions: Over time, your mattress will lose its shape and start to develop lumps and impressions. This is a normal result of continuous use over many years, and it can lead to some serious discomfort. When your mattress loses its shape, it prevents your spine from being properly aligned when you sleep. This can lead to discomfort that disrupts your sleep and causes achiness and pain when you wake up.
  • Allergy symptoms: If you’ve noticed that you start to sneeze or experience congestion when you lay down in bed, it’s possible that your mattress is to blame. After several years of use, your mattress picks up various allergens and particles that can aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms. It’s a good idea to consider investing in a new mattress in Hilo, HI if you notice that your allergy symptoms seem to get worse when you’re in bed. You should also invest in hypoallergenic bedding to prevent your new mattress from aggravating your symptoms.
  • Pain upon waking: Sleep is supposed to help your body heal and relieve pain, so being in pain first thing in the morning is a clear sign that something is wrong. If you feel stiff and tired when you wake up, it’s a sign that your mattress isn’t providing you with very restful sleep.
  • Better sleep when you’re away from home: If you get better sleep when you’re out of town and staying in a hotel or at a friend’s house, it’s likely that your mattress is simply not cutting it for you anymore. Sometimes it takes a restful night of sleep on a comfortable mattress for you to realize just how outdated your own mattress is getting.
  • Your mattress is getting old: After eight years or so, it’s probably time to replace your mattress, even if you haven’t noticed any significant signs of wear and tear. It’s possible that your mattress is really starting to affect your sleep, but it’s happening so gradually that you don’t even realize it. Take some time to browse your options at a mattress showroom and find out what you’re missing out on.

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