The Benefits of Shopping at Brick and Mortar Furniture Stores in Hilo, HI

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Although e-commerce often seems to have taken over retail completely, you might be surprised to learn how popular and convenient brick and mortar furniture stores in Hilo, HI continue to be. Despite the appeal of online shopping, there are still many benefits that going to an actual store can provide that you won’t be able to experience from behind your computer screen.

Try before you buy

There are certain items that you just have to see and feel for yourself to know you are making the right purchase, and furniture certainly falls into that category. You might suspect that people use physical furniture stores as a showroom before making their purchase, simply walking in to try out the furniture before going back home to buy it online. In reality, though, research has shown that the vast majority of people are “reverse showrooming,” with 69 percent of shoppers conducting their research online and then going to a brick and mortar location to make their actual purchase.

Take advantage of the in-store staff

Even for those who prefer to do their research online before heading into a store, the benefits that a knowledgeable in-store sales team can provide are unmatched. The best live online chat can’t take the place of having an actual face-to-face conversation with someone, giving you the opportunity to describe to them the nuances of exactly what you are looking for while you are physically browsing the available options. Many people also enjoy the experience of getting out of the house and making shopping a day-long outing, viewing it as a chance to spend quality time with friends and family while hearing out contrasting opinions before making a final purchase.

Put your purchase to use right away

The feeling of being able to buy an item and put your purchase to use right away is still very appealing to many consumers. Many websites offer expedited two-day or overnight shipping, but that doesn’t compare to being able to walk out of the store with your purchase in hand, or to have a company deliver your furniture to your home later that day. If there are any issues with the purchase, it is also much quicker and easier to reconcile the situation after having made an in-person purchase than it is online.

Despite common misconceptions, brick and mortar furniture stores in Hilo, HI are still thriving because a strong majority of shoppers still prefer to take their business to a physical location. There is no way that a computer can replace the experience of excellent customer service, which is what our team at Yamada Furniture has proudly offered our customers since 1929. Whether you are looking for a new bed, a cozy new sofa for the family room or charming accessories to make your house feel like a home, our expert staff is ready to spend however much time it takes to make sure you have everything you need. For high-quality furniture and an inclusive shopping experience that you won’t soon forget, make sure you pay us a visit today!

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