Bring New Colors and Accessories Into Your Home with Your Décor This Summer!

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Summer is a great time to take stock of your home and take advantage of the warm dry weather to make some changes. Whether you are tired of your old furniture and are looking to shake things up completely or are just looking for some new and unique accent pieces, home store professionals can help you find the style that’s right for your space and your preferences.

From interior decor colors and accessories to home furniture in Hilo, HI, here are some good tips to follow when thinking about the changes you want to make to your home this summer.

Try a new color palette

Color makes all the difference when it comes to decorating or furnishing your home. Rooms that are too dark can feel closed off and start to resemble dungeons, while rooms that are too light can look very plain. When choosing colors for a wall or furniture set, consider how it will react with everything else in that room. For example, a bright purple couch is likely going to look ridiculous in a room that is conservatively painted in eggshell white. We’re all for trying new colors—just make sure they fit together! You can often balance bold colors with accents, like throw pillows or wall art.

Go for a whole new look

Sometimes in life, we just have to hit the reset button and start over. Our furniture and living spaces are a perfect example. Maybe you still have the furniture set from when you moved out of your parents’ house, or that you bought when you were first married many years ago—yikes! Furniture, like clothing, can quickly become outdated and worn out. Evaluate whether it still fits your lifestyle, and consider a new modern bedroom set or a living room update. This is the perfect opportunity to browse available styles and fabrics for what fits your needs best.

Decorate around your furniture

One of the nice parts about investing in quality home furniture in Hilo, HI is that it can last a lifetime—if you’ve chosen wisely, that is. Sometimes all you need to do is draw focus to your furniture by adjusting the space around it. For instance, a quality dining table set doesn’t belong in a dark, dusty dining room. Try updating the room with a chandelier, some vibrant paint or wallpaper and an area rug that will frame the piece perfectly. It isn’t always about buying something new—sometimes it just takes looking a little differently at what you already have.

Minimize to maximize

Americans love things, and while it’s hard not to accumulate them, they end up taking over our living spaces. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and scale back the material possessions cluttering our living areas. This applies to furniture, too. Why have a sectional for only two people? Consider a loveseat and two recliners instead. It can make all the difference in how you move through your home.

If you are shopping around for new home furniture in Hilo, HI, look no further than Yamada Furniture. Drop by anytime and browse our selection of summertime home accents and decor!

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