How to Choose the Right Living Room Furniture

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It seems like more than any other room, what furniture will go in the living room is open for debate. In many ways, this room sets the tone for the rest of the house. Will your style be formal, modern or comfy and cozy? It all starts in the living room, where your family and guests will gather to catch up.

One thing’s for sure: you want to go to a store that carries high-quality living room furniture in Hilo, HI. Their professional and knowledgeable staff will be able to help you make the right choice. But before you go, you should consider exactly what you’re looking for.

Find out what will fit

Before you do anything else, measure the dimensions of your living room. Break out the tape measure and mark down the length and width of the space. Be sure to consider any alcoves or recesses as well. You’ll also want to check the doorways. The last thing you want is to settle on what seems like just the right piece only to find that it won’t fit through the doorway.

Map it out with a floor plan

Now that you have the measurements, this is where things get fun! Get out a pencil and paper and sketch out your ideas. You can use grid paper, but plain notebook paper will work fine, too. Keep in mind that having about a yard of space between larger furniture pieces is a smart idea to keep the room feeling uncluttered.

You’ll be able to come up with a general idea of what the room will look like from this plan. Will you have two loveseats? Which decorative pieces will fit in well? You can determine the answers to these questions by planning out the room. You may want to stage the living room as well, using tape or newspaper on the floor, to get a visual idea of how everything will look.

Think about which pieces will be best

It’s easiest to start with basic, simple pieces like coffee tables and ottomans before moving on to larger pieces like sofas. You’ll want to invest in durable, high-quality pieces that will last for decades. It’s important to think about how each piece in the living room will complement the other pieces as well. Here’s where you can establish a cohesive style to extend throughout your home.

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