How to Choose the Right Dining Room Table for Your Home

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The dining room table is often the focal point of a home. It’s where you come together as a family and with guests to eat and converse. When you’re choosing a dining room table, you should give it careful consideration. You want a piece that fits with your aesthetic and fits with the space. Also, you want a table that will last for years to come.

If you’re shopping for dining room tables in Hilo, HI, then check out the selection Yamada Furniture. We make it easy to find the ideal table for your home. Here are some top tips on how to select a table that you can enjoy for the long term:

  • Consider shape options: Rectangular and square tables are very common and will work in most places. However, in a tight rectangular room, an oval table may be the best choice to provide a little more breathing room. A round or oval table could also be a good choice if you place a high value on dinner conversation, as there’s no clear “head of the table” seat.
  • Construction matters: You might find a piece that looks great, but if it’s flimsy and fragile, it’s not going to work. Look for tables and chairs that are durable with strong supports that will last you for years to come. Pick a surface that’s unlikely to show every nick and scratch.
  • Pick a table to suit your style: Take a look around the rest of your home and think about what kind of table would best fit your aesthetic. Glass or metal would be ideal for those who want a clean, modern look. Wood is a classic look and comes in a variety of types to suit different styles. Plastic and laminate tables can even work in some situations and are very budget-friendly options.
  • Measure the space and the table: Last but certainly not least, your dining room table needs to fit in the space. You might be surprised just how big this piece of furniture can be! You want something that offers plenty of breathing room on each side so that people don’t have to squeeze past when they leave the table. Get out that measuring tape and make sure the table you love won’t be too bulky for the space.

For a huge selection of quality furniture pieces and sets, including a wide variety of dining room tables in Hilo, HI, stop by Yamada Furniture. We have comfortable pieces in a variety of styles that will fit with any home. Unlike other furniture stores in Hilo, HI that attempt to upsell customers or need to meet quotas, our mission is to provide you with a comfortable environment and a personalized shopping experience.

We always encourage our customers to browse around at their leisure and explore our extensive inventory of home furnishings. If you do need help, our friendly and professional staff are right there to answer any questions you may have. You’ll feel confident that the furniture you’re purchasing is durable and right for you. Come out to our showroom today to learn more!

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