Ask the Experts: Is Feather Down or High-Density Foam Best for Living Room Upholstery?

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So, it’s time to get rid of that old and uncomfortable couch for something new. Trade in those lumpy cushions and ugly material for a comfortable seat you’ll love to plop down on after a long day at the office or to binge watch a new TV show!

But selecting a new couch isn’t as simple as picking the first one you set your sights on. Shoppers are confronted with countless choices, from material to size and color. The most difficult decision of all is choosing the cushions. Feather down and high-density foam each have their own benefits when it comes to living room furniture in Hilo, HI. Both do have their fair share of downsides, too. Ultimately, you’ll have to choose the cushion type that best suits your needs. Learning about both cushion types will help you determine which one is best for you.

High-density foam

Different manufacturers might have their own name for this, but high-density foam is basically just a cushion composed entirely of foam. A high-density foam core is covered by a soft layer of egg crate foam. It is then wrapped in an additional layer of polyester fiber wrap before the actual exterior material is sewn around the outside. High-density foam is well-suited for someone interested in a crisp and clean looking couch, as the internal materials aren’t prone to wrinkling. The cushions won’t require a lot of fluffing and prodding to make the couch look presentable again after sitting, unlike down-filled cushions.

Unfortunately, you can’t have a soft cushion and a more rigid back (or vice versa) because it will cause the body to pitch forward when sitting. Some might find the structured feeling of the couch to be a bit uncomfortable.

Feather down

Looking for a comfy couch you will love to nap on? Then feather down may be the perfect option for you. The cushion has a core of coiled springs surrounded by an extremely thick layer of polyester fiber. Then, everything is squeezed into a down-proof cover stuffed with down and polyester fibers. The springs add resilience to the softness of the down. Sadly, down cushions have a hard time maintaining their shape. You can expect to have to regularly fluff and prod the cushions for a less sloppy look.

It is important to remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to living room furniture in Hilo, HI. Less expensive options will give you little say in the cushion type or comfort level. Plus, they’re less likely to stand up to years of daily usage. Expect to have to replace cheaper options within a few years, while high quality furniture can stand up to more than a decade of use.

Whether you choose feather down or high-density foam, Yamada Furniture is your top choice for living room upholstery. We carry the top styles and brands that will perfectly fit your space. Stop by today to check out our extensive selection of quality furniture from the names you know and trust!

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