Choosing Between Power and Manual Recliners

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Regardless of your personal style or the size of your space, seating is an essential component of any home. Chairs, sofas and recliners are some of the most used pieces of furniture in the home, and it’s important for these pieces of furniture to offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. For many, recliners offer the most comfortable seating option for visiting with guests, watching a movie or even taking a nap. If you’re considering a new recliner purchase, you will need to choose between a variety of different options and features. One of the primary choices you will have to make is whether you want a manual recliner or a power recliner in Hilo, HI. Find out more about these options so that you can make the best choice for your space.

Power recliners vs. manual recliners

The basic difference between a manual recliner and a power recliner is the fact that a power recliner has built-in electrical components and switches that control and adjust the chair, while a manual recliner is controlled with a traditional pull lever. However, there are other variables to keep in mind as you research potential purchases:

  • Cost: In many cases, cost plays one of the biggest roles in determining which recliner someone will buy. Because a manual recliner doesn’t have any electrical components, it is generally going to be much less expensive than a power recliner in Hilo, HI.
  • Maintenance: Manual recliners are uncomplicated and don’t have any electrical systems, which makes them much more straightforward to maintain. Basically, as long as you care for your chair and avoid doing any damage to it, you should be able to keep it in good condition for quite some time. With a power recliner, however, things get much more complicated. Electrical components are susceptible to damage or failure, which can cause the chair to stop functioning and may warrant an expensive repair or part replacement.
  • Versatility: One of the best parts about a power recliner is that there are usually a number of different settings and positions you can choose from when you want to get comfortable. A manual recliner usually only has one reclined position and one seated position to choose between. Still, you will have to consider the fact that some power recliners must be located near a power source, which may limit where you can place your new chair.
  • Longevity: Power recliners have controlled movements, which usually means that they deal with less wear than manual recliners. Because of this, power recliners often have a longer lifespan than manual recliners do, which is important to consider when you are calculating cost.

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