How to Care for Your Fabric and Leather Furniture

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Furniture often represents a substantial investment, not just from a financial perspective, but also when it come to the quality of life that you enjoy within your home. By keeping your home’s furniture in tip-top shape, you are protecting its value, and ensuring that you have a calm, organized and aesthetically pleasing environment inside your abode.
Whether you own leather or fabric furnishings, there are a number of common-sense steps that you can take to keep your home looking its best. Knowing the ins and outs of proper furniture care can be challenging, but it’s a great way to maintain an elevated quality of living. Protecting your home furniture in Hilo, HI is an important part of owning high-quality furnishings!

Leather furniture

Leather furniture is cool to the touch and easy on the eyes. Additionally, it’s surprisingly easy to clean! Unlike fabric furniture, which tends to collect dust and pet hair, leather furniture is relatively easy to remove debris from.
The most important aspect of caring for leather is to ensure that it is cleaned on a regular basis. Small particles, such as tiny stones or large clots of dust, may eventually wear against the leather, causing it to decay and eventually breach. By cleaning your furniture regularly, you can prevent your leather from breaking down prematurely.
You should always clean any spills on your leather surface immediately. While it may appear waterproof, leather can and will stain, just like upholstery.
You should also avoid direct exposure to both sunlight and heat sources for all of your leather furnishings. Prolonged exposure to direct sun may cause your leather to fade in color, while exposure to heat sources could result in it drying out and cracking prematurely.

Fabric furniture

If you have recently purchased a new piece of upholstered furniture, you should first check to ensure that it’s been treated with a water and soil repellent. Most manufacturers treat new furniture with repellent guard. If your furniture hasn’t been treated, you should take it in to a trusted home furnishing shop as soon as possible.
Vacuuming your furniture regularly is an excellent way to extend its lifespan and keep it clean. Regularly cleaning your upholstered furniture will help prevent undesirable odors from permeating the inside of your couch’s cushions.
Additionally, you should keep your upholstered furniture away from pollutants, like cooking smoke, as much as possible. Cooking smoke can easily permeate furniture, substantially reducing its resale potential.

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